National Federation of the Blind of Montana

NFB of Montana - Trail Blazer Award

This award will be presented to an individual or an entity who is not a member of our organization, but who has made a substantial contribution to improve the quality of life for the blind of Montana. This award will be given by the National Federation of the Blind of Montana at our annual state convention, but only as often as circumstances merit. This recognition represents the highest honor that can be given by our affiliate. The recipient of this award will be an individual or entity that we can regard as a true friend of the blind supportive of our progressive philosophy of blindness, instrumental in championing programs that will benefit the blind community of Montana, and dedicated to initiatives that will generate hope and promise for the blind of Montana in innumerable ways.

The Trail Blazer Award is given to a member of the National Federation of the Blind of Montana who has taken the road less traveled, who has raised the expectations of society, or perhaps those of his or her own professional colleagues or supervisors, regarding the abilities of a blind person, or has endured prejudice or has overcome numerous obstacles in order to live the life he or she wants to live. The recipient of this awarde may also be a person who, member of the NFB of Montana or not, has cleared such a path of obstacles or barriers, be they physical or attitudinal, or has leveled the playing field for someone who is blind or has low vision. It is not necessarily meant to be given annually, but only when a worthy recipient presents him or herself.

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