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NFB of Montana - Resolutions

The official policies of the National Federation of the Blind of Montana are established every year by resolutions adopted by members attending the annual Treasure State Convention. The Resolutions Committee meets every year by conference call before the convention, and writes ideas submitted by NFB of Montana members into proposed resolutions. They are then published on our web site so that members can read them and become familiar with them. The committee will read the resolutions before the assembled convention, and recommend their passage or withdrawal. The assembled convention members can discuss them and ask any questions they may have. Later on, the committee will read them again and the convention will vote to adopt them or not. Drafting resolutions is one of the most powerful and transformative things and NFB of Montana member can do. Get involved!

The following is a list of the resolutions that were passed by the NFB of Montana at previous Treasure State conventions.

Last Year's Resolutions

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