Live The Life You Want

A blind man with white mobility cane, walking down a paved trail in a park.

The National Federation of the Blind of Montana knows that blindness is not the characteristic that defines you or your future. Every day we raise the expectations of blind people, because low expectations create obstacles between blind people and our dreams. You can live the life you want; blindness is not what holds you back.

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12th Annual Treasure State Convention

An Empty dining hall with empty chairs and tables,.

The NFB of Montana holds its annual treasure state convention once a year. This convention serves as a platform for organizing the activities for the upcoming year and bringing together blind or visually impaired Montanans. For more information, please visit the convention page.

Note: The convention planning committee has just started to plan for the 12th annual NFB of MT convention. Information is currently limited.

Convention Home Page

NFB – National Free White Cane Program

A Blind couple walking down a path, both of them are using white mobility canes.

The white cane allows you to travel independently and safely—no blind person should be without one.

Note: The NFB gives a blind or visually impaired person living in the united states one free cane every six months.

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A man sitting in an chair, using the NFB NewsLine application on a tablet.

NFB Newsline – Montana

NFBNewsline is a free audio news service for anyone who is blind, low-vision, deaf-blind, or otherwise print-disabled that offers access to more than 500 publications, emergency weather alerts, job listings, and more.

Learn more about NFB-Newsline in Montana


Hands reading a sheet of paper, with braille embossed on it.

NFB Bell Academy – Montana

The NFB BELL Academy, which stands for National Federation of the Blind Braille Enrichment for Literacy and Learning. This is a summer program of Braille and nonvisual skills instruction for blind children ages 4 through 12. The Montana BELL Academy is typically held twice a year during the summer months:

  1. An in-person class, held in Missoula MT
  2. An in-home/online class held via Zoom

Learn more about the Montana BELL Academy


A pair of Glasses laying on a page of printed text

Montana Business Enterprise Program

The Business Enterprise Program provides assistance and support to legally blind residents of Montana in securing and operating a vending business. Through the Randolph Sheperd Act and the Montana Business Enterprise Law , blind vendors have access to vending opportunities on federal and state properties.

State and National Legislation

The Montana Capital Building in Helena, MT.

State Legislation

The NFB of Montana is actively engaged in state legislature to safeguard the rights of blind and visually impaired individuals in the state. This includes ensuring that we have the freedom to live our lives as we choose.

National Legislation

The local organization also sends a representative who is blind or visually impaired to the national legislature to advocate for the rights and opportunities of the blind community across the country.