2018 Leader of the Pack Award

  • Awarded:
  • September 22, 2018

This award is presented to an individual who is a member of our organization, and who has made a substantial contribution to improve the quality of life for the blind of Montana. This award is given by the National Federation of the Blind of Montana at our annual state convention, but only as often as circumstances merit. This recognition represents the highest honor that can be given by our affiliate. The recipient of this award is an individual that we regard as a true friend of the blind, supportive of our progressive philosophy of blindness, instrumental in championing programs that will benefit the blind community of Montana, and dedicated to programs and projects that will generate hope and promise for the blind of Montana in innumerable ways.

This year’s recipient of the 2018 Leader of the Pack Award is one who doesn’t shirk responsibility. More often than not, this person steps into new projects which often are accomplished! They have been with the NFB of Montana since it became an affiliate of the National Federation of the Blind in 2012.

Our recipient graduated from what is now MSU Billings.

She has been employed for some years as a phone operator and a Customer Service Representative.

She is devoted to her husband and family.

She is known for her writing where she often polished seemingly impossible resolutions into polished documents. Our affiliate website is one of the best if not the best informational website in the state.

She is an active participant and chairperson on many of our conference calls! She encourages us all to work on the Uber Lift Project!

If one needs someone to talk to, she is there!

She has been our National Convention Delegate, and has actively participated in a number of Washington Seminars. She also attended various seminars at the NFB National Center.

Her most recent accomplishment was our successful and first 2018 Bell Program in Montana.

She has been our affiliate President since 2015.

And so we ask our beloved affiliate President, Joy Breslauer, to receive our 2018 “Leader of the Pack” Award!