2017 Eagle Award


Awarded September 23, 2017 I m sure that this award recipient didn’t set out to win an award by playing the hand life dealt him. This person became acquainted with adversity at an early age, but he hasn’t let that keep him down. An attitude…
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2016 Trail Blazer Award


Awarded: October 8, 2016 According to the dictionary, the definition of a trail blazer is a person who makes a new track through wild country, a pioneer, an innovator, a groundbreaker, a trendsetter. According to Star Trek, a trail blazer is a person who “boldly…
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2016 Resolutions – Billings, MT


These resolutions were put forward at the NFB of Montana Treasure State Convention on October 8, 2016, in Billings. Resolution 2016-01 Regarding Intercity Bus and Air Transportation in Montana is the same as Resolution 2015-01, which is still in effect. Resolution 2016-02 was tabled.