Travel Expense Reimbursement Policy

National Federation of the Blind of Montana

Adopted: March 26, 2024


All travel expenses supported by the National Federation of the Blind of Montana (NFB-MT) must be pre-authorized by the Board of Directors and recorded in the meeting minutes of the Board. In addition, and under the authority of the Board of Directors, the President or a designee appointed by the President must pre-approve each travel expense reimbursement request. Travel expense reimbursement requests must be submitted to the President, who will then send to the Treasurer for payment. All requests must comply with the travel policies of the NFB-MT as outlined in this document.

Travel Expense Rates

The NFB-MT will reimburse:

  • Transportation reimbursements including flights, bus fares, taxi and rideshare trips, and vehicle mileage at the IRS allowed rate for business, currently $0.65 per mile. Mileage may not exceed the cost of economy flight costs.
  • Per Diem of $50 per day for meals and other incidentals.
  • Lodging not to exceed convention/event hotel rates


The NFB-MT requires receipts for lodging, transportation, and banquet fees. No receipts are necessary for per diem costs.

Reasonable and Necessary

Those requesting reimbursement of travel expenses must comply with reasonable and necessary standards and make every effort to secure the least expensive option in lodging and transportation. For example, the NFB-MT covers only coach/economy air fares. Transportation costs must be relevant to the purposes of the travel, and no personal transportation requests will be reimbursed. In addition, the NFB-MT does not pay for driver wages. Mileage rates go to the authorized traveler who then is responsible for paying the mileage to his or her driver. Nor does the NFB-MT reimburse gratuities and tips not included in convention/event rates.

Convention Registration and Banquet Fees

The NFB-MT does not reimburse for convention registration fees. Banquet fees will be reimbursed.


Exceptions may be approved by the President in writing. The NFB-MT requires exceptions to be approved prior to the first date of travel whenever possible.

Travel Expense Advances

The NFB-MT encourages travelers to pay for their own travel costs and to submit a request for reimbursement after the travel has concluded. However, some may require a cash advance to travel. Therefore, the NFB-MT may advance up to 60% of projected travel expenses so long as the advance is pre-approved by the President in writing. Those who receive travel advances must provide receipts and a full travel reimbursement request after the travel concludes. In the event the traveler is unable to take the trip, he or she must reimburse the NFB-MT for all funds advanced for the travel. Another option is to request the NFB-MT to reimburse air fares after the flight is purchased and prior to the first date of travel to ease fiscal burdens on individuals. However, if the traveler is unable to fly, then he or she must reimburse the NFB-MT for the cost of the flight. Please note the preference to submit all travel expenses after the conclusion of the travel applies, and that the early reimbursement of air fares is an exception that must adhere to these policies.

Contact Information

  • Jim Marks – President
  • National Federation of the Blind of Montana
  • 309 Westwind Way
  • Helena, MT 59602
  • (406) 438-1421
  • National Federation of the Blind of Montana
  • PO Box 2031
  • Helena, MT 59604